Electrical installation

As specialists in the field of electrical installation, our manufacturing offer includes LV and HV switchboards, compensation switchboards, MaR and other switchboards. Apart from the manufacturing and installation, we also make revisions and certifications.


All in one

Individual approach and 30 years of experience are key factors that make us a great partner for your business. We provide nonstop service for complex solutions in the field of electrical installations, including network analysis, thermovisions and more, without disconnecting the switchboards.


Client made solutions

We create products that use our processes which are inserted according to the demand of our clients so there is the possibility of controlling and monitoring them remotely. Apart from the option of inserting new systems into switchboards, we can also work with already existing systems owned by our clients.


Individual approach

Many years of experience have allowed us to utilize many different components from various manufacturers and we carefully consider these when manufacturing the switchboard. We always pay attention to necessary aspects such as the location where it will be running, switchboard control method, sources of energy or the customer’s demands. Clients are our number one priority so we always tailor an individual approach to meet their business goals.


Wide portfolio

Our experiences include small and big companies from various fields such as telecommunication, data centers, logistic centers – both private and state-owned. We have worked with detailed projects as well as with projects without proper documentation. Therefore there is no problem incorporating changes or new demands along the way. Reliability, expertise and professionalism are key words in our relationship with our customers.


Our clients